Net-Not (or Not-Net; I still haven’t decided) was fun this morning. Somehow we started talking about bananas. It turns out that everybody has their own idea of when a banana is perfect for eating, and everybody’s idea is different.

Dorothy thinks they should kind of crunch when you bite them. Barry and Linda both like them a little riper than that, but still with a nice overall green tinge to them. I like them when they’re all yellow, with lots of speckles (which means, people, that they’re going to be sweet; those speckles are caused by sugar, for Pete’s sake!). Barry throws them away when they get speckled. Linda recalled that her grandmother ate them peels and all!

In a group that tends to discuss current events, the state of the economy, and other grown-up topics, it was a nice, ever-so-slightly goofy topic.

Next week they’re going to report on the five foods they just won’t eat.

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