Dinner, only six days in the making

I bought a couple of pork shoulders a while back, when Kroger had them on sale. I do that almost every time they’re on sale, because they’re delicious to roast, and also very good for making ground pork and the many things that spring from it (breakfast sausage, chorizo…). I took one of my sale shoulders, a 9 pounder, out of the chest freezer last Friday and left it in the Bubbarator to defrost, thinking we’d have it Tuesday. I make a variation of Bo Ssäm, and it really helps to let it sit overnight coated in the seasoning. But I forgot to do the prep on Monday night. I forgot on Tuesday night. I started to do it on Wednesday, but the shoulder was still pretty frozen! I forgot Thursday. (Are you seeing a pattern here?) I remembered Friday, and early in the evening I moved the dang thing from the Bubbarator to the inside fridge, so I’d have a much better chance of remembering!

I remembered, I prepared it, and it’s currently roasting. I’m making speckled butterbeans (oh, be quiet, they’re delicious) and Ina Garten’s Brussels sprouts, which are very, very tasty indeed.

Low carb, and it’s still making my mouth water.

Happy Saturday night to you!

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