Summer reading, i.e., who needs sleep?

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.14.19 AMDo you read books on a tablet or your phone, or otherwise in electronic form? Do you know about this?

Bookbub. You tell them what you like to read, and they send you emails every day with a list of books that meet your criteria that are low price or free! (Many that are free, in fact!) It’s kind of an invitation to literary piggishness, to stuff your device with slightly more books than you’ll realistically be able to read, but that’s actually a step up from stuffing your physical bookcase with that much (plus many of them are FREE). (Yes, I know, I know. Library books, and I love the library like nobody’s business, but there are more ebooks available than my library offers, even with Overdrive.)

I mention this because I’m getting ready (i.e., loading up) for summer reading. Not summer reading club, though I guess if the prizes are good enough it might be worth registering. Just reading throughout the summer, the time of year I traditionally splurge on fantasy or a boatload of cozies.*

I’ve mentioned my summer reading habit before. In addition to that Shanna Swendon series, over the last few summers I’ve read the Harry Potter series, the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, the Exmortus series by Todd Maternowski, and all the Miss Fisher mysteries.

This is what I have lined up for this summer. If you follow the links, you’ll notice that a bunch of them are free. And the first book in a series. Have you heard of drug dealers offering a “free taste” of their products to get customers hooked? Same concept:

These were the result of ONE visit to Bookbub. And I’ve still got several books left in Greenwood’s Corinna Chapman series, plus I have started Gone With the Wind and Bleak House!

Yes, I know I’ll never get through all these by the end of summer. No, I don’t care. The rest of my life can have all kinds of stress and struggles, but I’ve got a plan!

*I love cozies. And, perhaps by osmosis or just constant exposure, Kerry Greenwood & I have made Rich a fan of them, too.

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