What hope?

My friend Carita and I got together a while back, and our conversation turned to politics (our beliefs and positions are similar). Our second biggest concern was that there is an enormous divide between those who believe he’s telling the truth, and those who don’t. Courteous, reasonable discussions can’t even begin under these conditions, and, alarmingly, there doesn’t appear to be any way to reconcile the difference. No logical argument will cause either side to change its mind, when all parties simply dismiss as false anything that doesn’t support their own position.

We despaired over how to bridge the gap, and neither of us had a clue of how it would even begin. Then she mentioned that her kids’ generation might be the ones who save us. Who have to save us.

I won’t stop resisting, persisting and outlasting, but I’m kind of hanging my hopes on that idea.

One advantage of being old is that we’ve seen it. We knew the world as it was way back when. I lived (as a very young child 😛) through the Civil Rights movement. I cheered and supported, as a teen & young adult, the burgeoning women’s movement. I saw Roe v. Wade enacted, the voting age lowered to 18, same-sex marriage begin to be recognized.*

We Boomers saw the changes that took place. We saw old wrongs being righted, progress being made, things getting better. We saw it happen once, and we know it can happen again. No, it will happen again.

The current world culture is a step backward, to be sure, but…things change. That’s the thing about civilization. It moves forward, relentlessly. The old ends up gone, the new takes its place, then becomes the old that gets ousted by the next new. We’ve seen it happen. The next generation—your children and grandchildren—will see it, too.

Progress will continue, we will move forward as a society, a culture, a species. Some of the damage that’s been done will be undone. Laws will change, as they’ve changed before. And some of the things that have been done are simply deflecting us, so to speak, to move in a different direction. The future USA (and world) will certainly be different, but—assuming we survive—it’ll be better. Different than it was, but better than it is now.

That’s what I believe. That’s where my hope lies. It won’t always be today. Thank God!


*Your state’s mileage may vary.

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