Shingles and nothing to do with a roof

Don’t feel like blogging. Have shingles. Ouch. (There won’t be any photos with this post. Really.)

My sister has them, too. We’ve neither one of us had them before, and we were together last weekend. Shingles are impossible to ‘catch,’ so it’s just a bizarre coincidence, but still very, very odd. And…ouch.

Actually I’ve revived the ‘oooph’ noise. After my mastectomy, in preparation for breast reconstruction, once a week my plastic surgeon injected saline into my tissue expander. It wasn’t excruciating or anything, but it was uncomfortable, and I usually spent the rest of the day exclaiming the occasional involuntary, “Oooph.” That pretty well said it all, and it’s apparently back.

I don’t have a bad case of shingles, but it’s bad enough and painful enough to make me feel very, very sorry for people who do have a bad case.


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