Reasons to like Stars hockey

The first day of NHL free agency this past July, the Dallas Stars signed six new players. Last week, they acquired another through trade (there were salary cap issues).

I love hockey because it’s a very fast-paced, high-energy game. And, well, also because of this. These are those seven new players:

Sheldon Souray
Jake Dowell
Eric Nystrom
Vernon Fiddler*
Radek Dvorak
Michael Ryder
Adam Pardy

Seriously. Damn.

*This whole little exercise, my Googling2 the new players’ photos, started when they showed a picture of Vernon Fiddler on the Jumbotron during the game last night. He was in a suit and tie, clean shaven, hair combed, and he had his teeth in3. He was so handsome, it made me curious about the others.4

2The photos all came from Google images, BTW, and I have no rights to them whatsoever. I suppose they’ll stay up here until I get caught.

3Vernon doesn’t put his teeth in when he plays. Actually, during games he kind of looks like a caricature of a hockey player: all craggy, with stringy hair, dark stubble and missing teeth, very much like someone you really don’t want to mess with. But he cleans up real good.

4Yes, we can see them during games, but they’re wearing their helmets and they’re really sweaty (not so much in a steamy, tantalizing way as much as a “Dude! You’re dripping on me,” kind of way). It’s pretty hard to tell what they really look like. The photos are much better.

Really, much better!

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