Bad Timing & Two Ways to Help Your Team

Bad timing 1: The very back/bottom of my hair is much too long, and has been for a while. I looked at my calendar two weeks ago and saw that my next haircut wasn’t ’til November 1st, so I thought I’d call and schedule a quick touch-up. I didn’t do that. I did, however, think to call this morning. Only now, of course, November 1st is only a week away, so making a special appointment seems a little silly. For the next seven days, I guess I’ll be sporting a girl mullet.

Bad timing 2: Back ache. Bad back ache. Suddenly, as I got out of the car to walk into Kroger this morning. Actually, we got out. Rich wanted to go with me to run errands (bank, Costco, Kroger), which is fine and all, but which really, really makes me feel like we’re his parents. (They go everywhere together. Everywhere.) I admire them greatly, you understand, but they’re 85. We’re not 85 yet. So I may have been feeling a little more tension than absolutely necessary. In any case, back ache today. Chiropractor’s appointment tomorrow. Their office is closed Tuesdays, so I can’t even beg them to move it up. Guess I’ll really get my money’s worth when I finally go. If I’m up and around.

How to Help Your Team 1: Buy season tickets. Go to games. Cheer loudly. Applaud wildly.

How to Help Your Team 2: Do not even think of watching them on TV. I watched the World Series game on Saturday, a train wreck of a game for the Rangers. We made a big deal of it, having (upscale) ballpark food for dinner, both of us sitting down to watch, the whole nine yards. They lost 16-7. After that, I decided I couldn’t do that again, and the next game the Rangers won 4-0. Taking the hint, I kept the TV tuned elsewhere last night and they won that game, as well.
They’ll be playing Wednesday in St. Louis. I’ll be avoiding watching. If anyone wants to, you can come take away my phone and iPad, and I won’t even be able to check the scores.

Whatever it takes. You know, besides timing.

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