Horsey kind of morning

This is what I posted on Facebook:

We were out late last night at a Official Dallas Stars game (which went to a shootout), and even later after being stuck in the astonishing traffic on 114 WB (one HOUR to go from the 121 merge to William D. Tate). So I was still asleep at six this morning, when our dogs started just going nuts barking. After trying to shush them repeatedly, I threw open the front door, saying, “Look, there’s NOTHING out there. Now shut UP!” And there were two horses standing in the front yard.

Nope, not something that happens every day. Yes, we found the owners, who came and got them. Best part: our neighbor across the driveway, who got a picture of them drinking out of his birdbath, said he noticed they were there when one of them came up onto his front porch.

Not sure what I can add to that. One of my friends commented that she wished she could have seen my face. Me, too!

I’ll see if I can get the drinking-from-the-birdbath photos from Jay to share.

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