Dinner tonight

Hey, everybody! Yeah, I’m back. It’s been a busy few months, and I’m thrilled to say that business is picking up nicely!

Anyway, dinner tonight. A chuck roast, cooked ala Adelle Davis. She suggested the same technique, pretty much, for roasting better cuts, but this moist-baked method changed my mother’s life in the 70s. I saw Adelle Davis on the Tonight Show, I guess it was, talking about cooking meat very slowly in the oven made even the cheapest cuts come out juicy and tender. I described it to my mother, and we had that kind of beef roast at least once a week for years.

In fact, I remember one dinner when I was so sick of it, that I just ate the side dishes. Now that I’ve been cooking dinner every night for a few decades myself, I understand completely why she went overboard with it. It could hardly be any easier. It’s especially nice to come home from work to.

You can roast a better “roast beef”-type cut, or cover and cook cheaper cuts with liquid. In both cases, you turn the oven on as low as you can (most modern ovens can’t be set below 170°F), ideally to the final temperature you want the roast to be. Then you let it cook for a long time. My chuck roast, like a brisket, has cooked all day.

Crowder peas. A childhood favorite of mine, unfortunately, because they’re nigh unto impossible to find. And you don’t want to grow them, because the vines don’t produce much—I’ve read that it takes an acre to produce enough for one person!

In any case, even though crowders are cow peas, just like black-eyed peas, they taste VERY different. Black-eyed peas = disgusting. Crowder peas = heavenly!

I finally found them on Amazon, in dried form. I’ve probably never tasted dried crowder peas in my life, but I will tonight! I’m game—maybe they’ll be as good as I remember. I would even buy the canned ones, if I could find them.

Brown rice. Steamed in my handy Black & Decker Handy Steamer, which I received as a gift about twenty years ago, and I’ll sob uncontrollably if it ever breaks.

Roast, put on at about 9:30 this morning. Peas put on at about 4pm. Rice started shortly after that. I’ll be heading back to the kitchen at about 6:00, to get everything ready to serve.

Am I smart or just lazy?

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