My Go-To Dinner

Don’t anybody tell my hub (who is usually my total audience for dinner), but my go-to dinner just barely counts as cooking. One advantage of buying those big old six-pound packages of ground beef at Costco and making meatballs from them is that I end up with, literally, hundreds of meatballs in the freezer.

Swedish meatballs. Meatballs in barbecue sauce. And spaghetti and….

On nights like tonight, I take 33 (yes, really, because Rich has a…let’s call it hearty…appetite) meatballs out and let them thaw. I open a jar of Classico Tomato & Basil sauce (purchased three-at-a-time at Costco), throw in a can of mushrooms and some black olives, and the browned meatballs. I cook some spaghetti and drain a can of pear halves while it’s cooking. Put the pear halves on a plate, put a small dab of mayonnaise in the depression in each half, then grate Cheddar cheese over the whole thing (I grew up eating “Pear Salad” with spaghetti). Slice some French bread, which you did remember to take from the freezer in time, slather some garlic butter on it and stick it in the oven while the spaghetti cooks.Pear salad

That’s dinner.   Spaghetti sauce

(I’m starting to be a little alarmed at how many of my dinner menus don’t seem to involve that much cooking at all.)

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