Be glad you’re not good enough at hockey

The Dallas Stars sucked last night. I mean, really sucked. They were pretty much terrible, in a season of not being great, of defying all expectations, of looking good on paper but (usually) not so much when they have to actually play another team…. It was a bad game, at least from the Stars fan perspective. And probably from the Stars player perspective, too, though I can’t state that with any authority.

It was bad enough that coach Lindy Ruff apparently decided that some, uh, let’s call it conditioning was in order. Practice today featured a suicide skate.

If you’re not familiar (I had to look it up, myself), a suicide skate is a lot of hard skating (think of what they did in the great movie Miracle), plus a boat load of quick stops. This explains it. And here’s Boston demonstrating (apparently they lost the night before). Looks like LOADS of fun, right? (Remember how the guys in Miracle were puking in that one part?)

Stars fan & sports photographer Dylan Nadwodny took some great shots of it (relax, there’s no visible puking). If you’re not on Twitter, check out his website.

And be glad you’re not good enough to play on an NHL team that lost last night.

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