9th Day of Thanksgiving

…or T-minus 19 and counting. Tee-hee.

Today I’m thankful that I became a sports fan.

I came to love sports relatively late in life. I was in my early forties when I got involved in a new ministry at my church. At the time (in the late 90s) I lived in northwest San Antonio, and went to church at Oxford United Methodist Church. It’s a long story, which I’ll share/inflict on you some other time, but I ended up in charge of a group that entertained a group of pregnant women once a month. We did crafts or took them out to eat, or various things, and somehow we ended up with a bunch of free tickets to a San Antonio Iguanas game. The group went…and I absolutely LOVED it. I went back all by myself, entranced enough with the game to drive across town and sit alone. Loved. it.

After we moved to the Metroplex, we went to a (then) Fort Worth Brahmas game. I loved that, too. Sometime later Nokia, where Rich was employed, offered its employees half price tickets to a Dallas Stars game. We went. I was in heaven. Rich said, “You know, you enjoy this so much, we should do it again.” Cut to the present, where we’ve had full season tickets for some years now.

And I still love it.

We don’t see as many baseball games, maybe two a month or so. We haven’t been to any Mavs games, but I’ve seen the Spurs play a few times (fantastic!), and I’d happily go to a Cowboys game if someone else would finance it. I watch them all (plus soccer) on TV, loving it and grateful that I developed this surprising (to me) interest that I enjoy SO much, even if it did take me a while to get around to it.

So mwah, Stars! Mwah, Texas Rangers! Mwah, Spurs (and Mavs)! Mwah, Cowboys! Thanks for all the good times! I am thankful!

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