Mysteries of the Human Mind

…Or “What the Hell Does This Have to Do With That?”

Example the first:

It started several years ago as I was buying gas. While the pump was running, as was my habit, I got back in the car and got out my “gas & oil” record keeping book. (Yes, I’m one of those people.) As I turned to the current page & started to record the gas purchase, I happened to think of Steve Ott. As far as I can figure out, there was absolutely no reason whatsoever for it. He just popped into my mind. I didn’t really think of anything about him, just…thought of him. Just that he is.

Jump forward to the next time I bought gas. Same point in the process. Open the book, flip to the page, and I thought, “Oh, yeah. The last time I did this, I thought of Steve Ott.”

Well, that’s all it took. From then on, every single time I recorded a gasoline purchase, I thought of Steve Ott. For no. reason. whatsoever. But it happened every time.

At least it did for a few years. Then, for some reason, as I was thinking of Ott, I happened to think of Brenden Dillon. Again, for absolutely no reason, and there’s no connection between them besides the fact that they each played for the Stars at the time they became part of my gas-buying routine. But there he was.

For the next few times, then, I thought, “Oh, yeah. I used to think of Steve Ott when I bought gas. Now I think of Brenden Dillon.” Same thought—or non-thought—process though. I didn’t think anything about him, just thought of him. And so it became Dillon who was connected to buying gas. Get out the record book, think of Dillon. [sigh]

Steve Ott, Brenden Dillon & the mysterious workings of my mind.

It’s been a while now and the last couple of times I’ve bought gas, I’ve simply thought about the fact that I used to think about Dillon & Ott. I don’t think I think of any current or former Stars players now.

It’s a little bit of a let down, to be honest. But that’s okay. Now when I ‘select all’ email, I think of Tyler Seguin. 🙁


(THAT’S THE POINT.) #mystery

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