Prude, or Me & The Chive

Just to be clear, I freely admit I’m a prude. I don’t like watching nudity or sex on TV or in movies. (The first few seasons of Game of Thrones helped desensitize me quite a bit, however.) And, for the record, Rich says that I’m not actually a prude because I don’t care if people do things, I just don’t want to watch. Fair point, I guess. But I don’t like to watch.

I also fervently believe that young women are much more attractive and sexier if they don’t have their breasts (and asses!) hanging out of whatever they’re wearing. (Spare me the side boob, sister. Is there anything you feel is better kept private?)

See? Prude. And I’m okay with it.

However. There are some days, like today, when it comes crashing to the forefront with a vengeance. Maybe it’s the weather, or the fact that it’s the first Monday of a new administration (that’s not good news in my book). Or maybe it’s because we have a water heater problem & I couldn’t shower last night.

Whatever the reason, I’m really feeling it today. Case in point: it struck me today that as genuinely funny as The Chive is, if I have to scroll past one more pointless photo of a nearly-naked woman to get to the next meme…well, just forget it. I’m done. I mean, it’s obvious that I’m not their target audience. But are they only interested in males 12 to…I dunno, how old? 45? 50? 60? At what point do men start thinking, “Wye, that nearly-naked girl could be my daughter, and it’s inappropriate for me to think what I’m thinking about her.” Or do they? Ever?

So, yes, dear The Chive, I imagine it’s a lot more work coming up with funny stuff than finding nearly-naked women willing to pose for pictures. And if a chubby keeps the click count up, so to speak, as effectively as genuinely humorous content, then I suppose it’s more cost-efficient to go that direction. Or maybe The Chive feels more acceptable to most men than Or dot org, whatever. But could you maybe just separate that stuff out for the rest of us? Have a nearly-naked section, interspersed with funny stuff, for the woody crowd. And have a just funnies section for the rest of us.

Because some of us find our minds automatically imagining those same women try to explain the pictures to their daughter’s boyfriend’s leering adolescent brother, or maybe to their godchildren. And we shudder. #prude

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