Fact: I’ve had the bluegrass song “Where No Cabins Fall” by Rhonda Vincent stuck in my head all day, specifically the chorus, beginning with, “I’d like to go back….” Come, join me!

Fact: I started out the day with about 2,900 followers on Twitter. I know this because I’ve hovered right around 2,900 for a few weeks, and I thought I’d never get to 3,000. But then this happened:screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-4-41-15-pm

Yes, about 750 followers in less than ten hours. The vast majority (I noticed exactly three that that weren’t) are posting in Arabic. That’s fine & dandy, though most of them seem to be spambots (when account after account has >100K followers, it’s kind of a tip off). Since I’m not absolutely sure, though, just what those accounts tweet about, I want to make sure & certain the the NSA knows I love ‘Murica and wholeheartedly support what all law enforcement agencies here do. Hello? Anybody listening…?

I may have racked up more followers than usual because I normally follow back, except for sex spambots. Since I was clicking ‘follow [back]’ most of the morning, I now have to go back through and unfollow every account that has an excessive number of followers.

Again, just let me say: Jesus, hockey, baseball, apple pie, reporting suspicious activity, knitting, kindness to others, 4th of July, tolerance, Christmas, mom, outrage at ISIS, forbearance, inclusion, and any other All-American things. Plus Canadians think they’re so smart….🙂

Fact: Today I looked at buying my niece, who lives in Durham, tickets for a Carolina Hurricanes game. (I’m way into fostering another hockey fan in the family.) Their website is awful. Awful. I couldn’t even tell which games are preseason and which are regular season. This matters because preseason games will essentially be auditions, with “prospects,” players who’ll be playing in the minor leagues or NCAA for a few more years, showing off what they can do. If you’re interested in what the team will be like in three years, go to a preseason game. (Also if you can’t stand another few weeks without hockey, and will settle for anything in your team’s jersey moving around on the ice.) If you’re looking for an exciting game that will encourage someone, like a family member, to go back for more games, wait for the regular season. I’ve since been informed that this is the new NHL standard. Canes, reconsider your website. Dallas Stars, don’t ever change to that format.

Fact: I managed to go all day without actually getting dressed. I hasten to add that I shower at night, so I’m clean. But as for washing my face…well, we don’t need to talk about that, do we? I had several errands to run, including paying the water bill & paying (and talking to, to straighten out a misunderstanding with) our petsitter. And buying crème fraîche, to make the frittata for tonight’s dinner. I paid the bill online (now with no fee!), put the unpleasant convo with the petsitter off one more day, and decided that I can manage (i.e., fake) dinner without a trip to the grocery store.

Takeaway: Never underestimate the power of laziness!

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