Well, that was interesting

Okay, so we had some family stuff going on…my husband’s father, who lived in Denver, died in January, after an illness that required the hubs going up there to stay for a month, and myself flying back and forth multiple times. (What’s going on since then with my MIL is another, also sad story.) But, anyway, we had some family stuff.

And it’s Stanley Cup Playoff time! My beloved (in an oh-so-very dysfunctional way) Dallas Stars ended up top seed in the west, and are currently in the middle of battling the Minnesota Wild to get out of the first round. We’ll see what happens, but this particular time of year, and this particular battle, is very, very important to me. Dallas Stars hockey has been the one real joy in a less-than-great half year (see above).

Unread emails

This was a month ago. It got much worse.

So, anyway, I’ve had better/more pressing things to do than wade through the shitload of email I get each day. So I ended up with—I think the grand total a few days ago was—about 27K unread emails. Yes, really. Literally. Twenty-seven thousand. So I missed the one telling me this domain was expiring.


When I finally started ploughing through some of the emails, I found the one about the domain expiring. When I looked, I got a “this domain has expired” page. (Duh.) Immediately renewing it meant I only spent a day or so of anxiety, waiting for it to re-propagate through the web. It did, and we’re back.

Let’s see what happens next.

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