Notes of a random sort

This seems to be a week for great quotes, or repeatable quotes, at least. The most recent episode of Sleepy Hollow:

[Icabod, as he runs into someone at an office of local government] “What brings you to this abyss of red tape and apathy?”

Yup. I think I’ll be using that one.

And this.

Speaking of TV, we watched that Sleepy Hollow and the most recent Doctor Who on the same night. (No, we don’t watch anything live any more.) I was stunned by how they tied it in to Peter Capaldi’s original appearance. Just freakin’ brilliant!

Also speaking of TV, and back to Sleepy Hollow, two things. First, Tom Mison. Damn. Seriously.* Second, did the people who cast Nicole Beharie and Lyndie Greenwood as sisters notice anything about them at all except that they’re black? I’ll admit, one has to suspend disbelief pretty dang high when it comes to TV siblings, but…really? It’s hard to see how they could look less alike.


*I suffered a very embarrassing incident when I was early 20-something. I worked at a radio station, and my boss was a perfectly ordinary-looking guy. His brother, as it turned out, was gorgeous. As I remember, at least, he was he was really stunning, even breath-taking. One day the brother came to the door of the station which, in those days, was kept locked. He rang the bell. I answered.

I stood there, mouth open, gazing at him silently, taking in his perfection. He said, “Hi, I’m Nick’s brother.”

Me: [staring open-mouthed and silent]

Him: Is Nick here?

Me: [staring for a few moments] Oh…um, no.

Him: Okay. Well, would you tell him I came by?

Me: [staring for a moment] Uh…sure.

Him: [walks away chuckling to himself]

Me: [blushes for the next thirty years just thinking about it]

I don’t ever, ever want to meet Tom Mison, because I’m pretty sure I’d do the same thing. And I’m not 20-something now, so it would just be icky.

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