Polka Dot of Danger, or Sports

This is it!

It’s a real comfort that Brenden Morrow is on Team Canada for the Olympic Men’s Hockey gold medal game. He’s one of the four Stars players who went to the Olympics, and the only one still playing (though Jere Lehtinen helped Finland win a bronze medal). (And we’ll just breeze past that stinko semi-final game […]

Late night addendum

Stars 4, Islanders 3. Again I say, so there, DBD! Take that, Stars-will-lose-by-one Heika! BTW, one of my criteria for a good game is that I come home hoarse. It was a good game! (Don’t argue with me about who allowed sloppy goals. They won! I’m going to have some peach herb tea.)

Random things

1. I’m a Dallas Stars fan. I’m a fan when they win (woo-hoo!) and I’m also a fan when they lose. There are bloggers and columnists out there who are ready to disband the team, it seems. I love going to the games (so much you wouldn’t believe it) and cheering for them. I love […]

Stars make a happy birthday!

It’s my birthday (why, thank you), and the fabulous Rich took me (or agreed to go with me, which is pretty much the same thing) to the Dallas Stars’ practice and scrimmage this morning. The practices and scrimmages are open to the public all week (maybe all the time, I don’t really know), and there […]

Random Wednesday-ness

1. I had an idea of a really good topic to blog about. I should write those down, huh? 2. I have a ton of things to do today. I’ve had a ton of things to do for a long time. I mentioned to Rich, then mentioned to the Net-Not (or Not-Net; I haven’t decided […]

I have a problem with (most of) the Stars

I have a problem with (most of) the Stars

This should have been dated 2/28/09, last Saturday. If you’re not a hockey fan, you can skip this post — you won’t care. I’m a Dallas Stars fan. Saturday night my boy, Steve Ott, got the stuffing beat out of him by Travis Moen of the Anaheim Ducks. At the game’s final buzzer, the Anaheim […]