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Hockey post: Did you SEE this?!?

(Former Stars) Goalie Mike Smith made his first career goal last night. It’s a beauty, and the fact that it’s against Detroit only makes it better!

Stars new look

Here’s the (very dramatic) reveal of the Stars new logo and jersey. Trust me, really — the jerseys are just bitchin’ in person. The silver is metallic, and it looks really good! Oh! And they’re retiring Mike Modano’s number. Big surprise. (If you want to watch him cry, be at the game, next March 8th.) […]

It's a big night for Dallas Stars fans

It’s a big night for Dallas Stars fans

Tonight’s the night that the Dallas Stars reveal their new logo and uniform. What a relief! I’m part of their Season Ticket Holder Council. (And really, I can’t tell you how cool it is that we have our own tab on the ‘Team’ pull-down menu.) As part of the Council, I got to see the […]

Now it's up to Chicago

Now it’s up to Chicago

Well, the Anaheim Ducks failed me. Now it’s up to the Chicago Blackhawks to eliminate the hated Detroit Redwings from the Stanley Cup playoffs. That’s what we like to see! It’s kind of a tough situation, though: the Blackhawks (who I believe will end up winning this series) absolutely humiliated the Stars this season at […]

Stream of Consciousness II

Stream of Consciousness II

The NHL playoffs have started. I’m disappointed with Anaheim. I so want Detroit to be eliminated in this first round. Don’t care that the Stars now have a Detroit guy as GM, or perhaps kind of because of it. On the other hand, now that the Stars will no longer be part of the Pacific […]

The wisest hockey columnist

The wisest hockey columnist

Most of the time I like Brandon Worley and others at Defending Big D, probably my favorite hockey blog. Good information and usually good opinions. (Sometimes their ‘doom & gloom’ outlook gets to me, or they’d be my unqualified favorites.) Picture of Benn & Morrow for no particular reason other than I can and the […]

4th of July food, hockey & the Dead Sea Scrolls

4th of July food, hockey & the Dead Sea Scrolls

First, the hockey, because it’s going to be unpleasant. That trade I talked about, the one I was so fearful about? It happened. And I’m so pissed you wouldn’t believe it. They traded away the one guy who’s been my favorite player as long as we’ve been going to Stars games, and acquired two forty-year-olds. […]

Three things

Three things

Two things household, one thing hockey. First, Rich has been in Germany for a few days, and will be home in another couple. He’s in Friedrichshafen at a “hamfest,” a gathering of amateur radio enthusiasts (yeah, nerds) where they buy and sell radio gear, go around looking at radio set ups, and hang out together, talking about […]

Yarn ‘ho’

Yeah, I think that’s actually how it should be punctuated. I’m not saying “ho” like it’s in quotation marks. It’s not like “ho-ho-ho” or as in, “Land ho!” I’m saying I’ll, you know, do things for yarn. There’s a contest going on. I should be ashamed (but I’m not very). Speaking of knitting, I’ve been […]


First, the clementine cake was just okay. Nothing special, and a little heavier texture than I care for. I’m not sure the problem was one or more of the mistakes I made, or if I just don’t like this cake. Well, whatev. So it’s not bulletproof. The clementines did smell nice while they were boiling, […]