Make do (even if you won't have to do without)

Make do (even if you won’t have to do without)

I love making do. That might not come as a surprise because I’m a knitter. I always thought that the image of someone who knits was kind of a genteel hobbyist, someone who appreciates serenity and has great patience. My clever niece pointed out, though, and quite correctly, that knitters are more closely related to […]



Dinner prep took three sessions today, though it was just because I didn’t want to spend too much time at one stretch. Boil the eggs, make the homemade Ranch dressing. Assemble the Butter Burger patties and get them ready to cook. Mix and fill the deviled eggs, chop the olives for Rich’s Wimpy Burgers*. And […]

4th of July food, hockey & the Dead Sea Scrolls

4th of July food, hockey & the Dead Sea Scrolls

First, the hockey, because it’s going to be unpleasant. That trade I talked about, the one I was so fearful about? It happened. And I’m so pissed you wouldn’t believe it. They traded away the one guy who’s been my favorite player as long as we’ve been going to Stars games, and acquired two forty-year-olds. […]


First, the clementine cake was just okay. Nothing special, and a little heavier texture than I care for. I’m not sure the problem was one or more of the mistakes I made, or if I just don’t like this cake. Well, whatev. So it’s not bulletproof. The clementines did smell nice while they were boiling, […]

Bulletproof Cake

Bulletproof Cake

. …or What Happens When You Buy Food Because It’s Cute Okay, so we’ve been eating Cuties lately. Cuties are clementines (or sometimes Mandarin oranges) that are small, easy to peel, seedless and sweet. I had seen them in the grocery store but had never tried them. After reading Pioneer Woman’s blog singing their praises […]

Don’t you wish you were eating with us tonight?

After two weeks of only minimal cooking (and sometimes less than that), I’m finally feeling like I’m rejoining the living. and we’re having a leftover cleanup night. I’m about to: Try to reduce the chicken pasta red sauce that was way too thin Throw together some rice patties (my first ever) from the leftovers of […]

Good grief!

I didn’t realize how long it had been since I posted anything. I look at my blog every single day, checking to see if the people I follow (look left) have made new entries, but somehow it doesn’t really register just how long it’s been since I’ve posted. I even kind of made a secret […]

Dog treats

I’ve had a couple of people ask about my homemade dog treats. [Pause, while you wonder why I make homemade dog treats.] I make them because we’ve had some elderly dogs with health issues, and if you look at the labels of most treats, they have warnings that say not to give more than one […]

I have to say...

I have to say…

… that things do or do not work out, and that’s just the way it goes. Sometimes the time you have set aside for blogging turns out to be really productive and you get lots written. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes other people actually show up to the networking meetings you’re ostensibly attending, and you spend […]