Dijon mustard and Christmas tipping

First, let me say that David Lebovitz is right! After saying there was no way I was going to buy a new jar of Dijon mustard to make the vinaigrette tonight, I saw the both (!) the old jars I had in the Bubbarator were long expired (the more recent one had a ‘best by’ […]

What’s up with vinaigrette?

I’ve never met a vinaigrette I actually liked. Well, okay, that’s not completely true. Cavalli Pizza‘s Homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette is delicious, possibly because it’s made with Balsamic vinegar. Balsamic vinegar’s natural sweetness would help to offset some of the pungency. And even Cavalli’s dressing makes me all pucker-faced if I get too much of it […]

I’m still here!

I’ve been very busy lately, what with my regular work (sporadic as it may be, it’s pretty intense when it hits), my “part time” job (taking up more and more time every week), my Oktoberfest involvement (which is just about to be done, forever and ever, world without end, amen), the house, and playing Bingo […]

Sinuses, and the soup that helps them

Sinuses, and the soup that helps them

I’b cobing dowd with sobthig. Specifically, I’m coming down with some sinus crud. It started a few days ago, and now it actually appears to be getting a little better. (Hooray for Mucinex and drinking gallons of water!) But I’m still feel like I’m teetering on the edge of a sinus infection, so I’m going […]

Much better than that

Dinner & such

Rich is at some ham radio thing in Austin this weekend, so I’m on my own. And it’s hot — 101°F today. So you would think that microwaving leftovers would be as much effort as I’d be willing to put into dinner, right? But, you see, I’ve got this blob of bleu cheese butter left over from […]

Did you know this? –or– How to make dinner easier

…Or that could also be “How to make dinner more easily,” because, though they say different things, they’re both accurate, and I am a grammar Nazi. If you take some pork chops—preferably nothing expensive that’s good for grilling; this is a handy way to use those on-sale chops that aren’t that great grilled or fried—if you take them […]

Work & working, some knitting, some hockey, some cooking, some books…

Work & working, some knitting, some hockey, some cooking, some books…

It looks like I’m trying to cover all the topics at once. That’s what happens when you go for a long time without talking. You have a lot pent up to say, I guess. I’ve been working all day today, really, both doing stuff around the house and doing Work work, but I can’t really point […]

Make Ahead…er, Thursday

Make Ahead…er, Thursday

So it’s part this and part this, and smells incredibly good! I’ll make Foodie With Family’s polenta (from the same post as the meatballs) and some garlic bread later. And the delicious hearts of palm & artichoke hearts salad my sister made, if she gets back to me with the recipe before dinner. (Life is sometimes full of […]

Just one more day

This is the second time I’ve written this. If Blogger (or Safari or my ancient iPad, whichever is responsible) loses it this time, this is just going to be a blank page. I’m afraid today I’m still focused on my funny, entertaining family. After spending the day with them, I’m still gratified and very thankful […]

11th Day of Thanksgiving, plus baked ziti

Today I’m thankful that my late mother was such a good cook. I know that’s the reason I became a good cook, too, and that’s something I’ve really enjoyed. Truth be told, I believe I care way more about it than she did. I think she found it gratifying to cook good food, especially for […]