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A new yard tomorrow

We’re having some more landscaping done (that’s in addition to the azaleas and podocarpus we had put in a few months ago). Metro Greenery will be installing some sod and a “feature” in our barren wasteland of a front yard. I wonder if they’ll pick up all the branches, too…. I guess the debris in […]

We had a little wind and rain

We had a little wind and rain

Our front yard Down the street By Sprouts

Now their wi-fi connection isn’t working…

…So I couldn’t blog at Central Market at all! (And you’ll notice I finally got rid of the “I Have…” title thing. Oh well.) So I’m back in my office, trying to keep from being too bummed. Rich hasn’t been out of work for long (he’s actually still officially on the payroll for another three […]

I have a little Ubuntu and a big afghan

I have a little Ubuntu and a big afghan

Well, this Wednesday’s post is even later than usual. I have early Wednesday mornings set aside for blogging (in a time slot that used to be a networking group but is now only a social get-together-for-breakfast-if-anybody-shows-up thing), and I take my little Dell 9″ Inspiron to Central Market Cafe to do it. But in one […]

I have to allow more time!

Really, I have to start allowing more time for blogging. Net-Net isn’t quite as dead as I thought, so when I show up at Central Market on Wednesday mornings there are actually people there to talk to and interact with. So I end up not starting writing until later than I’ve planned. So today we’re […]

I have to say...

I have to say…

… that things do or do not work out, and that’s just the way it goes. Sometimes the time you have set aside for blogging turns out to be really productive and you get lots written. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes other people actually show up to the networking meetings you’re ostensibly attending, and you spend […]

I have my reasons....

I have my reasons….

Now, then. Where was I? Okay, so things have happened since we last spoke. Rich got word that his work group at Nokia Siemens Networks is being shut down in June, one of our dogs died, my sister is being forced to retire and her cat died, and my beloved Stars didn’t make it into […]

I have to stop this!

Not the blog, the title. When I started this, I happened to give the first couple of posts titles that began with, “I Have…,” and I thought I’d continue it. The TV show Friends did that. If you recall, their episode titles were all, “The One….” “The One With the Ring,” “The One Where No […]

I have a problem with (most of) the Stars

I have a problem with (most of) the Stars

This should have been dated 2/28/09, last Saturday. If you’re not a hockey fan, you can skip this post — you won’t care. I’m a Dallas Stars fan. Saturday night my boy, Steve Ott, got the stuffing beat out of him by Travis Moen of the Anaheim Ducks. At the game’s final buzzer, the Anaheim […]

I have no idea!

I have no idea!

Okay, so I’m cruising along, barely keeping up with work, scrambling with housework, but thinking I’m doing okay, then I realize I haven’t posted anything here in, like, a year and a half. [sigh] I really didn’t realize! The cousins’ visit was fine. They seemed to have a good time. Their bedroom and bathroom were […]