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Well, that was interesting

Well, that was interesting

Okay, so we had some family stuff going on…my husband’s father, who lived in Denver, died in January, after an illness that required the hubs going up there to stay for a month, and myself flying back and forth multiple times. (What’s going on since then with my MIL is another, also sad story.) But, anyway, […]

Notes of a random sort

This seems to be a week for great quotes, or repeatable quotes, at least. The most recent episode of Sleepy Hollow: [Icabod, as he runs into someone at an office of local government] “What brings you to this abyss of red tape and apathy?” Yup. I think I’ll be using that one. And this. Speaking of […]

Knit one, purl two, sniffle three times

Knit one, purl two, sniffle three times

I kept thinking the tissue box reminded me of something, but couldn’t quite place it. Then I came across some dishcloths I finished a while back. I knitted a Kleenex box.

You’ve heard it before

I’m not even going to apologize for being absent for so long, nor say I’ll do better. You’ve heard it before. Moving on… I’m going to go ahead and call today a complete write-off. I shower at night, so I’m clean, and I did brush my teeth this morning. I put on clothes when I got […]

Spanish rice on a Monday

…Don’t tell me there’s no Spanish rice in the freezer when I know there’s Spanish rice in the freezer. I put it there, I should know it’s there. I put Spanish rice in the freezer, so there’s Spanish rice in the freezer, dadgumit! I may not remember which freezer it’s in, but I know it’s there, don’t you […]

Dinner tonight

Hey, everybody! Yeah, I’m back. It’s been a busy few months, and I’m thrilled to say that business is picking up nicely! Anyway, dinner tonight. A chuck roast, cooked ala Adelle Davis. She suggested the same technique, pretty much, for roasting better cuts, but this moist-baked method changed my mother’s life in the 70s. I […]

Happy anniversary to us!

Happy anniversary to us!

Rich & I have been married 29 years today. Do you want to know our secret? Here it is: don’t get divorced. No, really. No matter how badly you may want to sometimes (I’m only speaking for myself, but I’d be willing to bet he’s felt the same). Divorce is simply not on the table, which […]

Can I tell y’all something?

The office my part time job is in is moving. We’re only moving up a floor, but it’s still a pain. Just like in a house, you never realize how much stuff you accumulate until you start packing it. The thing is, it’s a paper-heavy industry, or, at least, used to be. There have been approximately […]

Two pounds, aka a big old bag, of pinto beans.

Something completely different

Completely different for me, at least. As far as cooking beans goes. I had read about not soaking your beans before cooking, which goes against everything I, as a southern cook, ever knew. But I’m all for learning new techniques, so count me in. In that article, Russ Parsons also mentions starting them in hot water, […]

I guess I should review them

Since I told y’all the names of the books I had lined up for summer reading, I guess I should mention how they were after I read or abandon them. Sadly, it’s been a lot more abandoning than reading so far. Unleashed is a miss. I hung in there for about 2/3 of the book […]