What to do with these?

What to do with these?

I’m finally starting to organize the metric ton of stuff we brought back from Denver when we shut down housekeeping for Rich’s parents. When I say starting, I mean I took the stack of cookbooks that belonged to my mother-in-law and her mother, and started going through them. I really don’t know what to do with […]

Jim Montgomery interview

Bad drivers, the universe and me

I decided a little while back that I’ve been spending WAY too much time mad at other drivers. There are a lot of them out there, and—sadly—it doesn’t actually seem to affect them when I shriek obscenities at them. (There’s a chance they might not even notice!) What it does do is raise my blood […]

Our cats

Our cats

My babies. (No, there was no particular reason to bring them up.)

Anybody know anything about these?

Anybody know anything about these?

Like a designer/manufacturer/brand/some identifying name, where they may have come from, anything?

Nice quote (and especially pertinent these days)

The Cryptoquote I did today was pretty inspiring (as well as really freakin’ long), and worth remembering, especially the last two paragraphs:      I was born on July 4, 1776, and the Declaration of Independence is my birth certificate. The bloodlines of the world run in my veins, because I offered freedom to the oppressed. […]

Hockey analytics or I'm actually pretty smart

Hockey analytics or I’m actually pretty smart

I’m actually a pretty smart person, and I  have plenty of respect for analytical types. But the graphs that hockey analysts post or tweet are kind of coated in mental Teflon as far as I’m concerned. Most of them don’t mean much to me at first glance, and I guess I just don’t care enough […]

This is Steve Ott

Mysteries of the Human Mind

…Or “What the Hell Does This Have to Do With That?” Example the first: It started several years ago as I was buying gas. While the pump was running, as was my habit, I got back in the car and got out my “gas & oil” record keeping book. (Yes, I’m one of those people.) […]

Prude, or Me & The Chive

Just to be clear, I freely admit I’m a prude. I don’t like watching nudity or sex on TV or in movies. (The first few seasons of Game of Thrones helped desensitize me quite a bit, however.) And, for the record, Rich says that I’m not actually a prude because I don’t care if people […]

I cook like my mother (that’s a good thing)

Over the holidays, in San Antonio, I made “Swedish meatballs” for the fam. I put that in quotes because I’m not exactly sure what makes meatballs Swedish except having sour cream in the gravy, and that’s the only claim to Swedish-ness these meatballs could claim. They were frozen meatballs, and all I did was make […]